Welcome to Spin Electronics group of AGH University in Kraków

Spin Electronics group operates at Department of Electronics, Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications of AGH. The main activity of the group focused on experimental investigation of spin-based phenomena in thin multilayer structures. 



Stanislaw Lazarski has published paper in Phys. Rev. B

Stanisław Łazarski, Witold Skowroński, Krzysztof Grochot, Wiesław Powroźnik, Jarosław Kanak, Marek Schmidt, Tomasz Stobiecki: Spin-orbit torque induced magnetization dynamics and switching in a CoFeB/Ta/CoFeB


Krzysztof Grochot has published paper in Phys. Rev. Applied

K.Grochot at al. paper: ”Current-Induced Magnetization Switching of Exchange-Biased NiO Heterostructures Characterized by Spin-Orbit Torque” has been published in Physical Review Applied.


W. Skowroński received a founding under the Bekker Programme

One of the group members – Witold Skowroński – received a funding for exchange visit in the Nanodevice group of