Within the POIG 2.2 Spinlab project National Centre of Magnetic Nanostructures for Applications in Spin Electronics – SPINLAB and other national projects, such as the Polish Science Foundation programme (MPD), the National Science Centre and the National Centre for Research and Development  the measurement equipment for electrical and magnetic characterization was purchased. The apparatus was used for the assembly of four unique measuring systems:

  • manual and automatized (XYZ stepper driver stage) magneto-transport measurement setup for spintronic devices investigation at low frequencies: magnetic field up to 2 T, two-point, four-point, eight-point terminal systems, measurement systems includes: programmable current source for electromagnets, source-meters, lock-in amplifiers, nano-voltmeters, multiplexers, DAQ cards etc.
  • microwave measurement setup with rotating probe station with magnetic field up to 1 T, system includes microwave generator (31 GHz), spectrum analyzer (26 GHz), sampling oscilloscope (20 GHz), picosecond pusle generator (100 ps – 10 ns), source meters, lock-in etc.
  • vector network analyzer ferromagnetic resonance setup for wafer level measurements
  • low temperature magneto-transport measurement setup (20-500 K), closed-helium cycle, magnetic field up to 0.7 T, four-point DC probes or  two RF probes
  • SPM Scaning Probe Microscopes: Nanoscope V, NT-MDT Ntegra Aura, AFM Atomic Force Microscope – imaging and analysis of the topography of the surface roughness, MFM – imaging of the domain structure
  • Magnetooptical Kerr Effect (MOKE) measurements: polar and longitudinal MOKE
  • Diffractometry: X-ray diffraction measurements of thin films, powders and bulk materials, Texture measurements – pole figures, measurement of the roughness and thickness of thin films and multilayers

Measuring setups are to a large extent automated, which allows for a series of measurements of spintronic systems to be performed simultaneously.

Example of the automatic measurements of anomalous Hall effect in Pt/Co μm-scale Hall bar structures on 20 mm long wafer in perpendicular magnetic field. Each measured element is characterized by different magnetic anisotropy energy due to thickness of Co.